The Boundless Depths

by Gloria Adios

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released September 29, 2015

Music and words by Gloria Adios
Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Little Lamplight Studio by Matt Redenbo
Produced by Gloria Adios and Matt Redenbo
Art by Nicolas LoGiudice

Gloria Adios is:
Nicolas LoGiudice - drums/vox
Charles Pyle - guitar/vox
Steven Mangubat - bass/vox
David Gill - guitar



all rights reserved


Gloria Adios Baltimore, Maryland

Spaced-out heavy indie rock stuff from Baltimore..
Gloria Adios is Nicolas LoGiudice (drums/vox), Charles Pyle (vox/guitar), Steven Mangubat (bass/vox), David Gill (guitar)

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Track Name: Of 1888
I know what you did
But I can’t picture it
I think I have a photograph
Around here somewhere

And I don’t have the strength
To see you, in her face
I get so sick without you sometimes

And I float in between
Sowing seeds made of hate
And I just stay here and reap the silence

And I touch the time
Split it into four parts
Flow like water
And everything is fine, here inside the etherspace
And I’ve lived a thousand lives
Never seen the depths of it

Now it’s ‘93 and I’m five years old
And I can't seem to get the eras straight

Get so sick without you sometimes
And I get so sick without you
Track Name: The Weathered Knots
When it comes to spacetime
I think they’re coming around
Open all the eyes
The give and Take
The glossy haze

At the Bottom
Of the boundless open depths
I emerge a tree branch
The weathered knots
The open air
Track Name: The Open Space
We glance out on the boundless depths
The open space rushing through our heads
Illuminate the outer edge

I am concentration
We fall in no direction
This old familiar feeling
Of handlebars and infinite expansion

My friend Mike and I
Used to climb trees
And whisper swear words all the time
Back when we ruled the world
We were only nine
Back when we ruled the world
My friend Mike and I
Used to ride bikes

We laid across the grass along the edge
And watched it flow like wine
We glance out on the boundless depths
And open up our heads
We laid across the grass along the edge
And watched it flow
The open space comes rushing in
And I begin to grow
Track Name: Of Stupidity and Poor Decisions
I'm lying down alone
Thinking of these consequences
Of what a boy from earth could know
We are one, but I'm just not quite sure how yet

Out of all those billion places
I have seen that point of light
Out of all those billion places
I know where I come from

From the place beyond the desert in a high tower
What I say, the things I do, are none of your business

I speak the high tongue
With more than just my lips
I speak the high tongue
And you would never understand...
What I say or this reload dance
The long black cliff and I write it down too much
I speak the high tongue from deep inside of me

Thirty nine men
Nineteen women
Five children dead in Tull
Because I spoke your name too loud
Track Name: And The Conditioned Man
I watch as the ticker tape falls from your fingers
Counting down the days to the end of existence
Rejoice! The void becomes a voice
The last thing that I said to her is “I’ll talk to you soon”

The more you have
The less you are
The more everything seems so perfect
The less you are
The more you want
The more everything seems so perfect
I sleep alone now
Because I’m not afraid
Of all these monsters
That made me this way
(I can't decipher all the frequencies you speak)

To the everlasting glow
To the person that I used to be
Before the Earth was born
I grow like a flower from a stone
To the person that I used to be
Before I was so sick
Track Name: The Current Swells
These opium dreams, don't mean anything
The Boundless Depths, the currents swells, and I’m sinking again
All that I need is some shiny new paint
An astronaut with a cigarette and I’ll see you again

And I know, that I’m stuck in the ether
Lost here forever
No one can ever leave

It was ‘93 and we were all alone
My father had just watched himself die
I was very young and I came to know how easy it was to tell time
It’s a smothering countdown until the day we are gone

You can’t deny the current
Track Name: As Theia Sleeps
We dance along the edge
I call out through the darkness
Another generation comes to pass
Receiving only an echoed reply
Maybe I'm just fucking crazy
A broken imbalance of nickel and Iron

But, I'm not a disaster anymore

As Theia sleeps, I feel her body move closer to me
Stuck in a dream, I stop to breathe and she falls into orbit
Maybe I'm just crazy
A broken imbalance of chemical compounds

Everybody wants to secure a place in the ether
I don't really want to oblige the echoes of the silence
Track Name: Forever Ending
I've seen everything
From the molten rock and the sulfur sea
To that point of light, consuming everything
She can't say "that was my name"
I've been lost in the ether for 10,000 days
We've been so long forgone
Don't know where it all started
Or how to get home

I swear I'd burn the whole world
Just to not be a sideshow in your opening act
I swear in a language that we spoke
In a place that had no name
And long since turned to dust

The dark between
I'm so far from home I can't speak